What would you do to have up to $2000.00 a year after buying a home as a 1st time home buyer?  What if I told you..

  • that once you meet the qualification requirements
  • completed the required tasks that may take about an hour of your time
  • up to $2000 annually is yours each year with little to no effort

For some of us that is equivalent of 2 house payments each year or 4-5 car payments. 

Welcome to your local Raleigh, Wake County North Carolina resource to learn about the North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC). 

Two professionals have teamed up to provide you their experience and expertise to help the First Time Home Buyer obtain this North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate. 

In the grand scheme of things, $2000.00 may not seem like that much, but it is free money that could help with annual property taxes, insurance, etc. 

Although it is NOT a $2000.00 check each year it is a “Mortgage Credit” that helps off-set your costs at the end of every year.

Scott Lerew Broker/Realtor Mortgage Credit Certificate

Scott Lerew

(919) 801-1699


Scott Lerew, Lerew Brothers Brokers and Realtors serving the Raleigh, Wake Forest and the surrounding Wake County area will help you find your new home with the diligence and a commitment necessary to exceed your expectations.  He has a thorough knowledge of a number of financing options alon with the North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC).

Scott Lerew, Broker/Realtor, take prides in insuring that every client understands the process and the planning needed to move forward in a buyer’s purchase.  One of the most important things when planning to purchase your new home is understanding your qualifications for variety of mortgage options to includ the North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC).  Scott Lerew has worked with Michael Taylor, Senior Mortgage Consultant, for over 7 years.  An outline of your plans in tandem with mortgage assessment of your situation is critical and worth your time.

Michael Taylor, Senior Mortgage Consultant  

(919) 608-7034  Email Mitaylor@primeres.com     

Mr. Taylor is prepared to help you understand the intricacies of the process of the North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate application and completion of the program.